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About the game

It all began with a group of 15 young and enthusiastic scouts from a town called Komenda.

They wanted to create a project, an event for scout groups all around the country that would combine as many elements as possible of some of the best games, which bring “something more” out of you – they tried to unite the adventurous caracter of night-time games with teamwork, a lot of moving around, challenges, which require some more immagination and resourcefullness and the feeling of the most exciting board or computer games that lure you into their stories and keep you in a neverending urge for more. And so the idea came to life to trap the players inside a maze, make them find the way out and escape.

The idea – to build a maze for people – at first sounded impossible. In the spring of 2015 inside a local forest however, a 2500 square meters large maze was born, which hosted an unforgetable, adrenalin pumping, adventurous night game. The feedback was amazing so the whole project was repeated once again.
In April 2016 inside the same forest the maze rose up again, this time even larger and hosted 6 games in 6 nights. All games were sold out in 2 weeks before the first game took place so 5 extra nights opened up, which were also booked in a few days.

The project was both times carried out under the leadership of Rok Valenčič, with Domen Jurkovič being the first victiom of the maze. Amazing reviews and love of the game made them both roll up their sleeves and turn this unique game into a business now known as – Labyrinth Ljubljana.

The Labyrinth team

Rok Valenčič
Rok ValenčičCustomer service
Domen Jurkovič
Domen JurkovičTechnical support

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For any extra graphic material or information contact us at info@labyrinth-ljubljana.com.
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