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About Game

Since Labyrinth Ljubljana is officialy closed, this is the first time we can freely speak about all the details about this game, and we are glad to – the game was exciting at all aspects. Not only the concept, even the technical details are very interesting.
Last version of labyrinth was splited in two parts, each part in its own floor of the building. Upper and lower floor had the same concept of the game, but the maze and ambient was completely different. The main goal of this game was to find your way out. It might seem really simple – well, it wasn’t. Labyrinth was alive and in complete darkness. This wasn’t a horror house, the focus was in action and adrenaline, although we agree, it was on the edge of the comfort zone.

For each entry into the maze, players must have charged their flashlights in a special charging ports in their main (base) room. With a press of a button, the timer was set, flashlight was turned on and time countdown started. In their given time, players had to explore the maze as much as they could remember, and then return back to their base room to tell/draw the other team mates where they were and what they saw. This process was then repeated as long as someone didn’t discover the exit doors, returned back to the base room, tell the others how to get there, and then they left the maze. An if they were late and flashlight countdown reached zero? Well, that was kind of a theirs problem! 🙂

If this still sounds simple, let us add a little more details. Each player entered the maze on its own (or in pair), and the maze configuration was different every time. Yes, you read it right – maze was alive. There were many doors and special “walls” inside the maze. Some of the doors could be unlocked (but when and how?!?),  some of them had a door handle, some of them had a door handle only from one side, … But what really made the maze hard to imagine were these special “walls”. Walls, which moved during charging, closing previously accessible route with a new one.  And if we add a few ladders, underpasses/overpasses, unusual objects, locked boxes, …. Yes, It was exciting! While someone was in the maze, other teammates tried to draw the maze and figured out a combination for four locked boxes with helping clues, they watched position sensors and of course, just hoped they will make it out in time (120 mins)!

We took care about all the bits of the game on our own. Domen as an electrician/technician and Rok as clue maker/organisator/… . With a help of a few friends, we made almost everything virtually from scratch. We planned and created maze layouts, clues, custom indestructible flashlights, PC software, mechanics for doors and walls, locked boxes, position sensor wirings, communications, audio effects, … And we are proud of it.

A few more details about technical solutions needed for this game will be available here, on this blog:
while the contact for all other questions still remains here.